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Accelerators are live, online workshops that empower B2B business owners and their leadership teams to execute successful growth initiatives. Each workshop is delivered in three sessions and tackles a problem area in your strategy marketing, or sales.

No more wasting time. No more getting lost in the weeds. 

Just a united team that knows how to grow.

What's Holding You Back?

In our 15 years of experience, we've seen hundreds of B2B business owners struggle with the same problems.

Increased commoditization.
Outdated business model.
Competitive pressure.
No real marketing plan.
Weak sales process.
Sales skills need upgrading.

You've Put in The Work

You built your business. You're smart. You're driven. And when you face a problem, you don't give up - not even in a pandemic. 

So, when your revenue and profit growth began to stall, you upped your game. You probably:

  • Went to conferences and took copious notes.
  • Read the top business books and discussed them with your team.
  • Joined a round-table and problem-solved with the group.
  • Even hired top speakers to meet with your team for a day. 

All in an effort to combat one of those 6 Common Causes of Stalled Growth.

And listen, you're not crazy for trying all of those things. You're dedicated to your business. You're probably also exhausted, right?

But You're Not Seeing Growth

Despite all that work, you still find yourself staring at those problems that stop you from growing your revenue. Why?

Well, because:

  • You can't turn inspiration into reality without a solid, step-by-step plan.
  • No amount of reading will turn your team into expert strategists. That's not their job or yours.
  • Robust growth requires that everyone on the team knows their role and exactly what to do.
  • You aren't an expert teacher, facilitator, or speaker - you're busy running your business, after all. 

So where does that leave you? When revenue growth stalls, your income shrinks. Your competition catches up. Your industry changes but your business doesn’t. Your customers move on. And ultimately, that's how businesses go under.

p.s. We're not saying your business is on the edge of deep, dark peril. We just want to be honest about the reality that we've seen a lot of business owners go through. It's not pretty.

What If Your Business Looked Like This?

Imagine the kind of revenue and profit growth you would see if all systems were a go.

Your customers value you.
Your business model is optimized.
Your competitors worry about you.
Your marketing plan is razor-sharp.
Your sales process is powerful.
Your team's sales skills are upgraded.

Here's How You Do It

(In our humble opinion)

Proven framework that helps you solve your problem from beginning to end. 

 Expert guidance that leads and supports you and your team through it all.

Interactive process that gets all your key people to own the result.


Luckily, that's exactly what you get in an Accelerator Workshop.

Accelerator Workshops

Grow your revenue faster and smarter.

Any B2B business owner can attack a
critical part of their growth strategy with an Accelerator Workshop because it gives them and their team the framework, tools, and guidance they need to achieve new success.

Each Accelerator is delivered over several live, online "work sessions." In these sessions, you'll be doing real work on your business through sharp self-assessments and “Visual Thinking Tools™” that empower thinking for action. By the end of each Accelerator, you'll have crossed that growth challenge off your list.

"Value Prop showed us how to refocus and win in a super competitive manufacturing market - winning new business and adapting in new and creative ways." 

Ken Harrison
CEO, US Axle, Inc. 

How It Works

When you start an Accelerator, you'll schedule three online "work sessions" with your Growth Coach. In these sessions, you and your team will develop the concepts, plans and actions steps you need to solve your growth problem.

Proven Framework

Cross growth challenges off your list as you are guided through a step-by-step process.

Actionable Tools

Roll up your sleeves and work in real-time on your business with our “Learn Do” tools.

Live Guidance

Get the on-demand expertise and feedback you and your team needs to move with confidence.

Meet Your Growth Coach

Value Prop founder, Jose Palomino, has worked with hundreds of business owners over the last 15 years - driving powerful results for companies of all sizes. He has a passion for working with B2B business owners - because he’s one too. He's also an author and professor at Villanova University, where he got his MBA.

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"Jose has been a great partner in the success of our business.  He is able to relate to every member of the team and keep them focused on the tasks at hand."

John McNeely
CEO, Spec-Rite

The Path to Solving Stalled Growth

Accelerator Workshops are delivered à la carte and can be taken in any order and combination.

However, we do recommend this order for optimal growth.

When Should We Start?

We are so confident in the power of our Accelerator Workshops to help businesses get their revenue and profits back on track - we will refund 100% of your program fee if you ask for it at any time within 30 days of purchase.

That's our 100% Money Back, No-Hassle Guarantee.

To get started, schedule a Discovery Call with us and we'll help you decide which Accelerator is right for you.

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