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Our coaching program is designed for business owners and CEOs who are passionate about seeing their business grow and want a realistic and actionable roadmap to revenue success.

Our coaching best serves those with annual revenues of $1M to $25M in most any B2B industry (services, manufacturing, distribution, etc.)

If your revenue generation includes (or should include...) a sales process - we can help.


"The principles of Value Prop have been game-changers for us. Their coaching has helped us weather the current storm and find growth we didn’t think was possible."

- Terry McBride
Vice President, Burns & McBride, Inc.


Meet Jose Palomino

CEO & Founder of Value Prop

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I love underdogs. I love fighting the good fight alongside business owners—because that's who I am too.

Over 15 years ago, I founded Value Prop in pursuit of one mission: helping business owners grow their businesses on purpose. Ever since, I've helped hundreds of owners revolutionize their strategy, marketing, and sales processes—and achieve incredible results. I've also authored Value Prop and Strategic Propositions, and teach Entrepreneurial Marketing at my MBA alma mater, Villanova University.

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