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Reignite Your Revenue Growth in Just 8 Weeks

The Revenue Growth Program is a live, online program that helps B2B business owners unlock new growth. Led by strategy expert and Value Prop CEO, Jose Palomino, you will diagnose and remove revenue constraints throughout your business.

No more plateaus. No more backsliding sales.

Just revenue growth.

Is this you?

Business was great, but then our revenue stalled.

I've tried it all, but our
sales are still shrinking.

I know we can grow, but
I don't know how.

You Know You're Stuck

In our 15 years of experience, we've seen hundreds of B2B business owners struggle with problems like these: 

  • Starved for marketing expertise. You wear many hats, including CMO. You try your best, but it's not your strong suit. 

  • Burned by customer concentration. Your big clients are always pinching you on price, but you need them too much.

  • Frustrated by a lackluster sales team. You want them to be rainmakers, not order takers, but you're not sure how to do it.

  • Overwhelmed with to-do's. You play "hot potato" with new growth initiatives, but none of them are really working. 

  • And now, Coronavirus. You're scrambling to get back on track and wondering if growth is still possible.

p.s. We know your business isn't a dumpster fire. There are probably many things you're doing absolutely right. But if you're being honest with yourself, you know there's room for improvement. It's okay to admit that.

You've Tried It All

We've also seen a lot of B2B business owners try these growth tactics, with varying degrees of success (and frustration.)

  • Hiring more salespeople. You've added more people, but they've only increased your costs, not your sales. 

  • Increasing marketing budget. You've sunk money into SEO gurus and PR firms, but haven't seen the return you wanted.

  • Investing in skill-building. You've put time and capital into your team, but they still don't have the skills they need.

  • Paying a premium for a lot of "talk". You've tried expensive consultants and round-tables, but gotten generic advice.

  • "We'll Just Try Harder" method.  You've doubled down on your team or customers, but it only burned them out.

Look, we're not saying that these tactics aren't good things to do. They can have great effects! But without a laser-sharp strategy, none of these things alone will ignite growth. In fact, they can stunt it.

And You're Burning Through Money 

Let's do some math. 

  • Hiring a sales rep = $100,000+ all in
  • Website redesign / SEO tune-up = $50,000
  • Digital advertising = $75,000
  • Sales training = $50,000
  • Consultants & gurus = $50,000

That's over $300,000.

Whoa. That's a lot of money spent on strategies that you hope will grow your revenue. If you ask us, hope is not enough.

For that kind of money, you better know exactly how all that will help you grow.

Because You Know What's at Stake

You know what's crazy? We've met a lot of business owners who aren't that concerned by their lack of growth. They seem to think that stalled revenue is just part of business life. But before long, this is what their once-thriving business looks like:

Less Income

Fewer sales at tighter margins = less money for you and your team.

Decreased Valuation

Your business is your biggest asset and less sales shrink your ROI.

Low Morale

Your talent loses motivation if they sense they're on a losing team. 

Dead Business

The truth is if you aren't planning to grow, you're planning to die.

Here's What You Actually Need

(in our humble opinion)

✓ Clarity on what is constraining your growth.

✓ Tools to make the changes that matter.

✓ Support to get it right the first time.

That's why we created the Revenue Growth Program.

The Revenue Growth Program

Any B2B business owner can grow their revenue and profits with our Revenue Growth Program because it gives them the clarity, tools, and support they need to make the changes that matter.

When you join the Revenue Growth Program, you will get:

✓ Crystal clarity on what is constraining your revenue growth through our unique Revenue Throughput Analyzer.

 Proven tools and strategies every week that you can deploy to eliminate your revenue constraints.

✓ Accountability through 3 private coaching sessions with a strategy expert you can trust.

“The principles and methodology we learned from Value Prop have produced real-world changes for us. From concept to the nuts and bolts, Jose showed us how we can actually grow our business.”

John Szal
Founder, Spherical Concepts Inc.

How It Works

When you join the program, you will join us live, online for 8 weekly work sessions. And to ensure your success, you'll even get 3 private coaching sessions with B2B growth expert, Jose Palomino.

Live Guidance

Get mentored by a growth expert in real time. All of our work sessions happen live, online.

Actionable Tools

Turn your business into a revenue engine. Get the know-how you need to make it happen.

Private Coaching

Execute your plans with confidence. We'll help you problem-solve your unique challenges. 

Meet Your Growth Coach

Value Prop founder, Jose Palomino, has worked with hundreds of business owners over the last 15 years - driving powerful results for companies of all sizes. He has a passion for working with B2B business owners - because he’s one too. He's also an author and professor at Villanova University, where he got his MBA.

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Jose helped us dramatically increase our valuation and kept the team focused on delivering sales revenue. He has been a great partner in the success of our business. 

John McNeely
CEO, Spec-Rite Systems, Inc.

Here's Exactly What You'll Do

Attack a critical dimension of your business every week for maximum growth.


Assess Your Revenue Throughput

Understanding how revenue flows through your business is the foundation of rebooting your revenue generation.


Target the Right Customer & Problem

 Many SMBs fail to focus on their true target market – and the problem they solve best for that market.


Differentiate to Win

Fuzzy or incomplete value propositions prevent businesses from gaining traction in marketing, messaging, or sales.


One-on-One Coaching

This session is to ensure the owner has done the essential work of target definition and uncovering their best difference.


Develop Your Marketing Program

Without a real plan, marketing is often a collection of past decisions – not optimized for the moment.


Develop Your Sales Process

Most B2B SMB’s fail to define and optimize their sales process. They sell as “we always have” – without adapting or improving.


One-on-One Coaching

Ensure the owner has done the essential work of developing their marketing and sales improvement plans.


Remove Operational Constraints

The top-level considerations of targeting, differentiating, marketing, and sales are not the only source of revenue constraints. This session uncovers the other dynamics that can hinder revenue.


One-on-One Coaching

Owners can use their final Expert Support any time within 30 days of completing the program. The focus is on following up on Action Plans and ensuring the Owner is making progress.

How to Join the Program

Joining the program is simple:

  • Schedule an Application Call.
  • Then, fill out a quick questionnaire.

We'll talk about your challenges and how our program might help you. If our program is a right fit, we'll both know.

p.s. We are so confident in the power of the Revenue Growth Program to help business owners reignite their revenue, we will refund 100% of your program fee if you ask for it within the first 30 days of your enrollment. 

That's our 100% Money Back, No Questions Asked, No-Hassle Guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

It's time to take action.

Growth doesn't happen by accident. It happens through action.

So you have a few options:

  • Keep doing what you've always done, but nothing's going to change
  • Try to do an overhaul by yourselfand spend a lot of time, energy, and money in the process.
  • Get the clarity, tools, and support you need to start growing again in just 8 weeks.

Still have questions?

We're happy to help. Let us know and we'll get back to you.

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