Are you a B2B industry expert who helps businesses get a leg up in their market and grow? Whether your specialty is marketing strategy, sales training, exit planning, or any other growth-related service, we're excited to have you on the show. 

The Revenue Throughput Podcast brings together the sharpest B2B minds to share practical insights that will help B2B business owners gain a competitive edge—so they can win more and better business. 

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About the Podcast

At Value Prop, we're all about helping business owners find and sharpen their business's "competitive edge"—so they can win more and better business. 

So, we created the Revenue Throughput Podcast to highlight industry experts who help B2B businesses get a leg up in their market—whether that's through strategy, marketing, sales, or any other growth-focused service.

Our audience is made up of B2B owners and executives who are hungry for growth, stuck on a plateau, or just want better ways to deal with the everyday challenges of revenue growth. Each episode features an industry expert (like you), a fellow “boots-on-the-ground” business owner, or our host, Jose Palomino, to share practical, powerful strategies for B2B business success.

The show is distributed to all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, and more. Video recordings of the show are also published on Youtube for maximum reach.

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About Our Audience & Reach

Each episode of the Revenue Throughput Podcasts gets hundreds of downloads, and our reach grows by the thousands each week.

Our audience is mainly comprised of B2B business owners and executives who are hungry for growth, stuck on a plateau, or just want better ways to deal with the everyday challenges of revenue growth. 

After you record your interview, the audio and video files will be professionally edited and published on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and other channels. In the show notes of your episode, we will include backlinks to your LinkedIn profile, website, and any other resource you'd like to share. We will also promote your episode on our social media channels, website, and marketing collateral. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for being our guest.

About Your Interview

The focus of the Revenue Throughput Podcast is helping B2B owners sharpen their business's competitive edge so they can win more and better business. Along those lines, we want to hear how your services or expertise give business owners a leg up in their market.

Our interviews are conversational, laid-back, and highly practical. During your interview with Jose, you can expect the following questions (plus plenty of natural side questions!)

  1. Introduction: Tell us about who you are, what your business does, who you typically focus on, etc.
  2. When businesses don't have a competitive edge, there are four symptoms we typically see: declining sales, shrinking margins, lengthening sales cycles, and inconsistent lead flow. Do you see these problems show up in your clients? What problems do they typically face?

  3. How does your service/expertise give your clients an advantage in their marketplace?

  4. Let's get into details - What mistakes do you typically see owners make in your area of expertise? How does that put them at a disadvantage compared to their competition and what do you recommend they do instead?

  5. What's an example of a transformation you've helped a client achieve?

  6. What’s the #1 tip you could give a business owner/CEO to gain an advantage in their marketplace?

  7.  How can people learn more about you?

NOTE: Appearing on the Revenue Throughput Podcast, and all promotion of your interview is 100% free. We believe the insights you share are plenty valuable in and of themselves, and therefore do not charge any fees to be on the show. However, we do reserve the right to not publish your interview if we see fit. Of course, we will often quote and use parts of interviews in our other published materials and products and will always give full attribution when we do, including backlinks and your full name and company affiliation.

About Your Host, Jose Palomino

Jose Palomino, author, speaker, professor, and CEO of Value Prop Interactive, helps mid-market B2B companies struggling with sales growth and margin pressure sharpen their competitive edge to win more and better business—even in commoditizing markets. 

As a strategic consultant, Jose has unlocked over $250 million in growth for companies like Royal Building Products, Salesforce, SAP, and dozens of owner-led B2B companies. He is the author of the acclaimed book, Value Prop: Create Powerful I³ Value Propositions to Enter and Win New Markets and host of the Revenue Throughput Podcast. Jose holds an MBA from Villanova University where he teaches MBA courses on Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategic Marketing Management. He’s shared international speaking platforms with the likes of noted business strategy experts like John Warrillow, Flint McLaughlin, Jonah Berger, and others. 

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You and Jose will meet on Zoom for a recorded AUDIO & VIDEO interview. The interview will take 20-30 minutes, with about five minutes at the start of the interview to get settled with Jose and five minutes after for a recap.

  • Double-check that the event is added to your calendar (since it does not always happen automatically).
  • This is a CAMERAS-ON interview. Please make sure your background is neat and professional (no calls from your bedroom!) and that you have strong WiFi connection.
  • Please use an external microphone (i.e. not the microphone on your computer). The microphone on a headset or pair of Airpods is sufficient.

To your success,

Jose Palomino