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Growing companies is what we do.

While our focus is squarely on owner-led B2B companies, we’ve honed our expertise with a range of companies: from entrepreneurial ventures to multi⁃billion dollar corporations. We’ve been privileged to deliver powerful results for a variety of companies in a number of industries—deepening our understanding of practical growth strategies for the companies we serve.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Burns & McBride

What We Did

Working with this privately held, 65-year-old regional heating oil and HVAC services company, we designed the selection and training program for their new trash and recycling direct sales team. Through our efforts, Burns & McBride has added thousands of homeowner accounts through the efforts of several summer sales teams. We assist the company in recruiting, on-boarding, and training these “elite” squads of young, talented individuals.

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What They Said

“The principles of Value Prop have been game-changers for us. Their training, coaching, and support have helped us weather the current storm and even find growth we didn’t think was possible.”

– Terry McBride

Vice President, Burns & McBride, Inc.

Creative Mechanisms

What We Did

Creative Mechanisms is a product engineering shop that specializes in design for manufacturing, helping leading consumer product companies develop innovative, production-ready products. Despite their specialization, Tony felt that their market didn't quite understand the unique value they brought to the table. We worked with them to sharpen their messaging and develop stronger brand positioning.

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What They Said

I've been doing this 35 years, I've worked with a lot of different companies. I really feel Jose has been the best that I've worked with so far. I just feel like on all levels, things are working at a higher level than they have in the past for me."

– Tony Rogers

President, Creative Mechanisms

DTS Language Services

What We Did

DTS Language Services was a translation service facing steep competition, flattening prices, and a commoditized market place. Through their work with Value Prop, they were able to identify a strategic advantage that differentiated their value prop from the commoditized market and engaged higher value prospects with specialized needs.

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What They Said

"I would recommend Value Prop without any reservations or hesitation… If you understand that there's work involved, that there's still going to be risk, and that there aren't any guarantees in life, this is a very highly calculated approach to growth. It's money well spent."

– Duncan Shaw

President, DTS Language Services

Charter Oak Field Services

What We Did

Charter Oak Field Services was a smaller medical market research company before Covid 19. With increased demand for their research services, their team tripled over 2 years. They turned to Value Prop to help reverse engineer their success, turning rapid growth into a model for lasting success. Specifically, Jose worked with them to create accurate sales forecasting methods to help their leadership predict where revenue would come from and make informed investments in their growth.

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What They Said

"I don't think anyone could go wrong having Jose talk to them about their business, review their business, and look at their models."

"My perspective on consultants was not great prior to working with Jose. A lot of times I think consultants are a little arrogant, a little overpriced. You should spend the money to give it a try because it's going to be worth it."

– Matt Hancock

President, Charter Oak Field Services

Royal Building Products

What We Did

$1B building home materials manufacturer, selling through distributors and local retail lumberyards and supply companies. We were tasked to develop a new program for a new role: Market Development Managers (“MDM”): we developed the training program for on-boarding 15 local marketing/salespeople whose job it is to build local demand for strategic new products that Royal was introducing into the marketplace. We also trained Royal’s US Territory Management Team in a refresher of basic sales skills as well as several advanced skills, including Negotiations Planning. 

What They Said

“Value Prop expanded the thinking of everybody in the room. The goal was not to teach our people how to be territory managers, it was to teach them how to add to their toolbox, to become more successful in light of how customers have changed. Value Prop has given us many new ways to approach and work with a customer, to think in different ways than we have previously, to reach a little deeper into our resources as an organization – to be more professional and to have a more productive conversation with a customer or a prospect moving forward. The Program has really been additive from the standpoint of growing the existing book of business as well as continuing to add to that book of business.”

– Jeff Cabbage

Vice President of U.S. Sales, Royal Building Products


What We Did

Working with the Area VP of the East Coast Commercial Region, we trained six of the most critical city branches of Salesforce, including NY, Boston, and DC. We trained them in our Visual Thinking Tools for Sales Professionals and created successful outcomes including, on average, 1.5 million dollars’ worth of additional “white space” discovered in each branch that we worked with.

What They Said

“Value Prop tools helped us effectively communicate with all levels of the organization and created tremendous value and results. Jose Palomino is a proven leader with an extraordinary background who brings real-world experience to marketing and sales concepts… ”

– Jim Rich

Area Vice President, 

And many more...

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