Finding a Niche in a Commoditized Market

Duncan Shaw is the president of DTS Language Services, a specialized translation service. He was looking for a business growth consultant with an eye for the big picture – a partner he found in Value Prop and Jose Palomino.

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The Challenge

"In recent years we've seen increased competition, flattening prices, and more of a commoditized marketplace. The enemy that we've been fighting is obscurity – having greater difficulty with clearer diversification and clearer differentiation."

"I've always believed the best defense is a good offense. You've got to be proactive and not become complacent and not just wait for business to come. There's value in the theoretical plan, but there needs to be tension in that you want to be impatient in a healthy way and patient in a positive way. It’s a sense of urgency."

The Experience

"I would recommend Value Prop without any reservations or hesitation… except in cases where business owners are looking for a quick, easy solution that doesn't require any real work or mental effort on their part."

"If you understand that there's work involved, that there's still going to be risk, and that there aren't any guarantees in life, this is a very highly calculated approach to growth. It's money well spent."

The Process

"I feel like there's been a good collaborative consensus with our staff and Value Prop's good questioning and good listening. There’s been ample time spent discussing the nuances of the business, our services, our history, the marketplace, and our competitors."

"That has really been very valuable in and of itself to just have third-party participation... You think you see everything, but you don't necessarily see everything. I think having the third-party firewall has been very objective in helping us open our eyes, whether we want to see everything necessarily or not."

"Right now, I'm in phase two of that with application and execution. We’re coming up with a blueprint of what to do."

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