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If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I love underdogs. I love fighting the good fight alongside business owners—because that's who I am too. I've worked with big companies such as SAP, Novartis, and Salesforce on some big things. But what gets me most excited is taking big ideas and making them powerfully usable for smaller companies looking to grow. 

To be honest, I’m a total “strategy wonk”. I geek out on helping B2B entrepreneurs unlock their business growth. Everything I’ve done at Value Prop has been in pursuit of providing business owners with the methods, expertise, and support they need to succeed. And you're next.

"Palomino's ideas are pure goldno, even more valuable."

Jay Conrad Levinson 
Bestselling Author of the Guerilla Marketing series

Lifelong Entrepreneur

I began Value Prop over 15 years ago. But my first experience as an entrepreneur actually began long ago in a Washington Heights apartment with a comic book subscription service—very pre-Internet. Hey, I was 21 years old and had no real clue what I was doing. Let’s just say it was a learning experience... 

From that, I taught myself how to program an inventory system on an original IBM PC—which led me to become a systems analyst for the American Stock Exchange and work on sales development at Tandem Computers, one of the founding companies of today’s Silicon Valley. Taking everything I learned from these experiences, I began advising businesses on how to improve their systems.

As often happens in life, opportunity knocks when you’re moving forward. I returned to the world of entrepreneurship and never looked back. I began Value Prop in 2005 to help smaller B2B owners develop their best overall strategy and the execution plans they need to spark greater growth for their companies. 

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“Jose creates results. He is a proven leader with an extraordinary background who brings real-world experience to marketing and sales concepts.”

Jim Rich
Area VP,

Speaker & Thought leader

Jose has spoken at numerous conferences, including Meclabs’ Email Summit, on subjects ranging from marketing and strategy to sales disciplines across the tech and service sectors.

Jose brings enthusiasm to every engagement because he wants to help you and your business succeed. With real experiences that have led him to develop the Value Prop approach to success, he’s also very candid about what didn’t work in his own career and how to avoid the common mistakes he sees other business owners make.

Jose is the type of strategic-thinking, charismatic speaker you want inspiring your team.

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"Jose is one of the smartest sales and marketing minds I have ever worked with. I follow many of his lessons to this day."

Mark Feffer
Editor and Publisher, HCM Technology Report

Author & Professor

Jose has written two cornerstone books: Value Prop and Strategic Propositions. He’s also written a half-dozen eBooks and hundreds of blog posts on the best practices in strategy, marketing, and sales.

He holds an MBA from Villanova University (or as he likes to say “three-time NCAA champion, Villanova”) where he also teaches graduate students Strategic Marketing Management and Entrepreneurial Marketing. 

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"Palomino is a master."

Ali Abuhassan
SAP Americas

Avid Comic Book Fan

Lest you think Jose is “strictly business”—he has enjoyed his greatest partnership with Carolina, his wife of over 30 years, their three children, and Isabella, their most beautiful granddaughter. Jose is involved in his community and serves on the board of his church (where he even gets to preach every now and then).

Oh, and he’s a total comic book fan. He loves stories about heroes that overcome the odds to beat the villain. He’s still wistful that he never completed his X-Men collection.