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You get to design your growth path.

You’re an established B2B business owner who cares about growth, so you've probably tried every tactic in the book to reach the next level. You’re tired of “seeing what sticks.” You want a real plan that will deliver results.

Since founding Value Prop in 2005, Jose Palomino's approach to growth has been different because he understands that growth is about more than tactics. Growth is complex. It takes inspiration and intentionality, planning, and execution. 

That's why our approach to growth centers on helping owners deploy a right-sized strategy that highlights and strengthens their business' unique strengths.

This is the key to growth, and it’s our specialty. 

You get the 4 keys to unlock B2B growth.

We're not here to sell you tactics. We're here to help you design your growth. With nearly 20 years of helping B2B business owners unlock revenue, we’ve found that four things need to be done well to lay a foundation for growth:

  1. A sharp value proposition that matters to your target market.
  2. Marketing activities and programs that connect you with quality leads.
  3. A sales process that engages with your best customers in ways they value most.
  4. Consistent value delivery that makes your promises real to your market.

Our "Working with You" Philosophy

We understand how draining it can be—mentally and financially—to find a third party you can trust to help you grow your business. Here's why working with us is different.

You already do great things.

If you own a $2-20M business, you're doing something right. We believe growth happens when you highlight and strengthen your business' unique competitive edge—the heart of your best value for your most desirable customer. We help you figure that out.

You want the right-sized strategies and tools.

You're busy running your business and don't have unlimited resources. That means your growth strategy must be right-sized: actionable, practical, and powerful. While we have experience with enterprise-level companies, our specialty is helping SMBs.

You believe in being empowered.

No one understands your business better than you. Our goal is to augment your superpowers. We take the time to truly understand your business, your goals, and your strengths—so we can help you leverage your resources to accomplish growth.

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