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We’re not for everyone.

After helping as many owners, CEO’s and business leaders as we have, we know what attributes and circumstances make for a successful partnership. So, while we would love to help everyone (and we make a ton of expert content available to anyone who is interested), we know the recipe for success is made up of a few key elements.

First, who are you?

Our ideal client is the owner and CEO of a B2B business with between $2 and $20M in annual revenues. Here's why.

  • You're the owner-CEO. We love working with owners because they often have the tenacity and dedication to see their business thrive. This isn't just a job to you—this is your life. We also engage with the owner-CEO directly because the kinds of decisions we help you make can't be simply delegated.

  • You’re operating a "going concern", not a start-up—one that is big enough to have people that can operationalize a given strategy. Under the $2M range, it can be hard to get traction (the exception is a professional B2B service - where $2M could yield 50% gross margins). Much larger than $20M, it is likely to handle its marketing and sales challenges with in-house VPs.

  • Why B2B? Jose’s experience and our collective work, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in growth for our clients, has been almost exclusively in B2B. We focus on developing custom growth strategies that have to attract a business buyer and “pays off” with a real sales process. 

Second, what is your current situation?

The main problem you must be facing to be our client is dissatisfaction with your growth. Whether sales have slowed, stalled, or shrunk—or perhaps they're booming, but you know the other shoe is about to drop—you are not happy with your sales levels.

In addition, we typically find that our ideal clients share these experiences:

  • You are an expert in your field, but not so much in sales and marketing. We want to work with people who really know their stuff. But if you're not so confident in sales in marketing, there's no shame in that. That's what we're here to help with.

  • You have tried many things to spark growth, but are unhappy with the ROI. We hear this a lot. The fact of the matter is that it is easy to invest a lot of money on marketing and sales tactics that don’t provide the return on investment you expect. This could be due to poor execution. But more often than not, it is due to the fact that investing in tactics before (real) strategy work is like starting construction without a blueprint. 

  • You want a real plan—not a quick fix. Perfect. That’s what we’d want to do with you as well.

  • But you also want to do something now to put you on the path to growth. This is the heart of the matter - do you want to do something now to improve your sales?  If yes, then we’re ready to help you do exactly that.

Third—and most important—what is your attitude?

Our ideal clients want an expert guide to support their growth activities. We want to work with clients that believe in their business and know they have challenges that they need help to overcome.

Are you willing to listen to recommendations? Or are you sure you have the answers? That’s ok if you do. Maybe that confidence is the reason you’ve gotten your business to where it is. But we find that folks with what we call a “humble confidence” or a “confident humility” work best with us. That's how we like to roll too.

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