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Value Prop: Create Powerful I3 Value Propositions to Enter & Win New Markets

Value Prop helps you answer the pivotal question: why should customers do business with you?  

In this book, you will learn new ways to create, diagnose and improve your value proposition — ensuring you deliver your most effective message to your best audience. You will also find:

  • Eye-opening examples of successes that embody the “I3” factors—and some notable failures that didn’t. 
  • Actionable steps to create a winning value proposition and messaging strategy.
  • Principles to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Value Prop will fundamentally change how you bring products and services to market.

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"Value Prop is a highly focused, practical guide to what is too often treated as mysterious and convoluted. This book is all you need.”

Stephen J. Andriole, Ph.D
Professor of Business (Thomas G. Labrecque chair)
Villanova University

Strategic Propositions

Strategic Propositions observes the process of formulating ideas and bringing them to market. Jose Palomino shares what tactics work well and what strategies fall flat. With specific examples and stories gathered throughout the last decade, Strategic Propositions will make a huge difference in how your company grows.

“Successful business owners know that creating strategic value is the key to commanding a premium. Jose’s new book provides sharp insights and inspiring stories on the how and why of creating business value.”

John Warrillow 
Author of The Automatic Customer

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Author & Professor

Jose has written two cornerstone books: Value Prop, and Strategic Propositions. He’s also written a half-dozen ebooks and hundreds of blog posts and articles on his passion for strategy, marketing, and sales.

Jose holds an MBA from Villanova University (or as he likes to say it “three-time NCAA champion, Villanova”) - where he teaches graduate-school courses in Strategic Marketing Management and Entrepreneurial Marketing. 

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“Jose produced real-world changes for us. From concept to nuts and bolts, Jose showed us how to grow our business.”

John Szal
Founder and President of Spherical Concepts Inc.

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With over 30 years of experience helping owners transform their B2B businesses, Jose is ready to jump start your planning, strategy, or executive conference. Jose’s passion is helping people see and articulate their best value to help them stand out in  competitive markets. If you’d like to have Jose speak at your event, let us know with this booking request form.

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