Pivoting Into the Future

With a majority of their revenue in a rapidly receding industry, Burns & McBride Home Comfort needed to successfully pivot to ensure the future of the company. They turned to Value Prop to guide them as they made the leap into a new future.

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The Challenge

"We service about 12,000 homeowners throughout the Northern Delaware and Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania."

"95% of our revenue used heating oil delivery. Heating oil has decayed over time and people have switched out to alternate fuels."

The Experience

"I look back on the last 15 years. There have been some stormy waters in the process. I don't think we would be here today as a business if we hadn't had his help. We were very fortunate the day we got to meet one another."

"Through our work with Jose, oil delivery now it accounts for about 25% of our revenue. We've had to morph as a company and change and now we're primarily HVAC."

"We've truly been focused in the last two years on restructuring and rebuilding our HVAC sales process. Jose has been instrumental in doing that for us, helping us through that process."

The Process

"I think the value he brings to the table far exceeds the dollars that we spend. He's particularly well suited for the ethos of our company."

"Our work with Jose has been much more extensive than I would say and long-lasting than we've had with other consultants. People may come in and help with a particular project; then they're in and they're out. I think what distinguishes Jose with us is most consultants will tell you, “This is how I think you ought to do it.”

"He'll work with you to develop the playbook, but then he hangs around to actually implement it." 

"That's where the rubber hits the road. Over the years, he’s not only in sales, but he's been sort of involved in every part of our business, like financial areas and more. Jose's very good at breaking it down into its parts and then developing a process."

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