Turning Fast Growth Into Lasting Success

Matt Hancock is the president of Charter Oak Field Services, a medical market research company. With demand for their services skyrocketing during Covid, they turned to Value Prop to help turn rapid growth into lasting success.

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The Challenge

"I reached out to Jose because through COVID, our business actually really grew. We went from a smaller company of about 6 employees to about 18 employees in the period of about 12 months. That brought about some significant changes to our business."

"There just became a lot more for me to do, wearing multiple hats like HR, CFO, and business development. I knew that I needed to find some help related to how to manage the growth."

The Experience

"I've been working with Jose now for probably a full year, and that's a very long engagement for me for a consultant. He's been invaluable to me. We had some situations where I felt like I needed someone to talk to outside of some of my other trusted advisors who understands my business. I would highly recommend Jose. I don't think anyone could go wrong having Jose talk to them about their business, review their business, and look at their models."

"My perspective on consultants was not overly great prior to working with Jose. A lot of times I think consultants are a little arrogant, a little overpriced. You should spend the money to give it a try because it's going to be worth it."

The Process

"As our business started to grow, we really weren't able to do any forecasting, any modeling, or any real tracking of where the money was coming from or where the new leads or prospects were coming from."

"We really didn't have a system. Jose's been really helpful in putting together a dashboard for us. We're starting to get some real clarity on where we are and where we're going, and if we're going to meet our goals."

"He's a very logical thinker. He breaks things down into components, and he looks at the process and tries to figure out where it's broken or not working as well as it could."

"The other consultants I work with, whether it's in HR or IT or payroll or those kinds of things, they're kind of in then they're out. They're not necessarily looking to bring a lot of value. They're trying to sort of solve a problem."

"Jose is invested in the process. It's nice to know that there's someone else that's thinking about our company and our strategy and the way that we're doing things. You never like to feel like you're the only one that's staying up at night thinking about how to make your company better."

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