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You already know that a tight value proposition has to elegantly convey the big idea behind your product or service – what makes what you’re selling so great? What makes it worth the money? But sophisticated buyers are also looking to answer five main questions for themselves before they’ll make a purchase decision with you Read More »


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What Can Apple’s Retail Customer Service Experience Teach Us About Marketing?

I found myself in an Apple store the other day to replace a phone battery for my wife. The Apple Associate told me that they would see me at 11:40, and the repairs would take 45 minutes provided there was nothing else wrong with the phone. One of the things that Apple does really well as a company is to remove one of the most frustrating things about retail – the ambiguity. How long is this going to take? How long will I have to stand around the store, sweating in my heavy coat on a busy mall day? I didn’t have to worry about that. I was free to make plans to finish other shopping or errands, and come back when they were ready for me – and that’s why Apple succeeds where others fail. Read More »


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Like millions of Americans, Subway is an everyday lunch. Every month or so I drop a Subway for a reliable Italian sub – and there’s pet peeve I have with the many (haven’t tried them all) stores in the chain: napkin hoarding!
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Through our extensive research and experience, we’ve come to narrow down the many conversations salespeople have in their sales cycle. It boils down to five pivotal conversations every salesperson needs in order to close a complex sales deal (there are sub-conversations for each, of course, but these capture the “big idea”). Read More »


Is Your Offering Compatible with Your Customer?

October 2, 2014

Image credit: Willi Heidelbach on Flickr My client was selling floor tiles to a national retailer. Everything was in alignment as far as anyone could tell – and the retailer was thrilled that they would be saving thousands of dollars per store – and they had lots of stores. One day, the decision maker asked, […]

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Sharing Your Value Proposition Internally

September 24, 2014

Is your value proposition the best kept secret… in your own company? A Value Proposition is the “true truth” about your product, service and company. It is most often rendered as a statement that communicates the value you offer to your consumer – a statement that must be apparent in everything you do – from […]

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Sales Potential: Erasing the No-Man’s-Land

September 11, 2014

A Sales Leadership Interview with Lisa Ginther Huh

In order to have an even sharper grasp on the real world implications of this topic, I’ve been talking to sales leadership at some very interesting and diverse companies—all to learn what they had to say about the current state of sales and how important the right messaging was to their success.

That’s where Lisa Ginther Huh comes in. Lisa is the Group Manager of Sales Enablement at Avanade. Here’s what she had to say.

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Pro Tip: Money Matters

September 5, 2014

At some point, you have to frame your offering financially – not just in and of itself, but in comparison to your competitors. Nothing exists in a vacuum. You have to be able to explain the financial differentiation competitively when you’re asked – whether your offering is premium or the low-cost option. It is a […]

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