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The 4 Step Strategic Growth Plan with Jose Palomino

podcast May 04, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 143

About This Episode with Jose Palomino 

In the $5M-$50M space, we see a lot of business owners who struggle with this tension: big picture strategy versus day to day operations.

In order to keep your high level goals on track, you need to keep your vision simple and clearly understandable.

That's why in this episode, Jose brings you a clear 4 step plan to set and track your strategic trajectory. Using the picture of a rocket ship, we cover:

  1. The Target: the customers, the margins, market share - the key measurable goals
  2. The Launchpad: the resources, structure, and foundation that you use to launch your mission
  3. The Rocket: the "vehicle" you use to reach your goals is what you offer, your value proposition taking form
  4. The Conditions: the final factor to help you anticipate challenges and see opportunities in your environment

Applying the Strategic Plan

After listening to today's episode, we'd like to invite you to experience a strategic planning call directly with Jose Palomino.

It's a conversation about where you are now as well as where you want to go. By the end, you'll have powerful ideas and specific actions you can take to push your growth forward.

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