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Continuously Improving Tight Supply Chains with Kim Wolf

podcast May 25, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 148

About This Episode with Kim Wolf 

Today's guest is Kim Wolf, of Kim Wolf Consulting. Kim is a specialist in continuous improvement - specifically in the field of manufacturing business.

In today's episode, Kim will share some great ideas on how this moment in history, including tight supply chains and demanding customers, can be leveraged to create even more success. 

Kim was born and raised in Pennsylvania and graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Math. She has had a successful career, holding multiple managerial roles for several companies including Pepperidge Farm, Cambell's Soup, and later, as the Vice President of Operations and Director of Manufacturing for The Original Cakerie and McCormick Canada. 

Now, Kim focuses her efforts as a consultant, developer, and partner. She offers consulting to manufacturers to share her experience in successfully using world-class tools and processes, including:

  • World Class Maintenance programs
  • JHSC and other safety initiatives

She also offers executive and middle management leadership coaching for companies who are investing in the long-term success of their leadership team. 

After listening to today's episode, visit Kim's website if you are ready to bring these tools into your workplace to drive results, empower employees, and implement change through development and systematic planning.


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