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Designing for Manufacturing with Tony Rogers

podcast Jul 18, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 163

About This Episode with Tony Rogers

Here at Value Prop, we have a specialization in working with industrial businesses. We've helped our fair share of clients in this segment, and we've interacted with the top thought leaders throughout the country.

But few bring the kind of expertise that we found when we met Tony Rogers. His business, Creative Mechanisms, is a national leader in Design for Manufacturing (DFM), helping businesses 

  • Solve critical design and prototyping challenges
  • Increase profitability through design strategies
  • Enter the do-or-die manufacturing stage with confidence in their design

If you're in a product-based business where design and manufacturing stages are challenging to navigate, Tony is a guest you cannot miss.

When you are done listening to Tony's episode, here is the #1 resource we recommend in all of the design and manufacturing space: Predictable, Profitable Products: A Decision Maker's Guide to a Reliable Product Process

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