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Driving Performance through Leadership with Sebastian Schieke

podcast Nov 30, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 201

About This Episode with Sebastian Schieke

Our guest today is Sebastian Schieke of Sebastian Schieke & Company GmbH. Sebastian is based in Frankfurt, Germany, but he serves clientele around the world. He mentors CEOs in building their own ability to enhance their team's ability to be high performance organizations. 

In this episode, we will discuss what it takes to build a high performance organization, how to build up people, and how to give hope to people in your organization during tough times. 

Sebastian is an entrepreneur, CEO mentor and coach, business angel, and investor. He has founded, operated, and grown multiple 7-figure companies. 

Sebastian invests in startups, mentors, and coaches CEOs, and helps them move their teams forward. His expertise comes from a wealth of experience, including some challenging times. He knows what it takes to be successful and how to get there. 

After listening to today's episode, check out Sebastian's podcast, The High-Performance CEO. In each episode, you'll hear how to drive your business forward and develop a healthy and thriving work culture for your organization.


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