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From JIT to Just in Case with Bob Tippmann

Aug 01, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 167

About This Episode with Bob Lippmann

The words "supply chain" served as a bit of a stick in the spokes over the last two years for businesses. For many owners, reactionary strategy was the name of the game. Now, having seen the massive disruption we are prone to, it's time for business owners to stop thinking "just in time" and start pursuing "just in case". 

As a smaller to midsize engineering firm, most of your main competitors are much larger than you. Finding a way to be more pre-meditated in your company's direction is a discipline a business owner's critical role.

Our guest is Bob Tippmann, President of Tippman Engineering. Tippmann Engineering has developed some unique technology for cold storage, mostly for food products. Bob has shown the power of a smaller company competing with the big boys in meaningful ways.

Bob is the co-inventor of the QFM In-Rack Freezing System. He enjoys building tangible products and machinery which can further the progression of an industry.

After listening to today's episode, visit Bob's website to learn more about Tippmann Engineering and the Quickfreeze system. 

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