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Leading Effectively as a Business Owner with Steve Smith

podcast Nov 17, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 198

About This Episode with Steve Smith

Today's guest is Steve Smith of GrowthSource Coaching. Steve is an expert coach for owners who are looking to transition back into a hands-on role in their business because they either want to grow their business, take it in a different direction, or rescue it. Whatever the reason, Steve is the guy who helps business owners figure out their why and connect with their people to create great results.  

Steve is the owner of GrowthSource Coaching, an Orange County, CA-based business and executive coaching company that specializes in helping business professionals become extraordinary leaders, savvy business owners, and confident marketing strategists. 

Steve’s sole mission is to help business professionals develop their clarity, confidence, and operating performance so they can play at their highest potential.

After listening to today's episode, check out Steve's eBook, "Ten Major Business Blind Spots".  


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