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Managing for Profitability with Rocky Lalvani

podcast Nov 29, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 200

About This Episode with Rocky Lalvani

Our guest today is Rocky Lalvani of Profit Comes First. Rocky is a profit specialist. He helps small, owner-led businesses figure out ways to increase profitability. He does this strategically with a perspective that comes from doing this for a long time and for many companies. 

Rocky Lalvani serves as Chief Profitability Adviser for business owners. He teaches owners how to ensure they get paid and make profit a priority. 

As a certified Profit First Professional, he implements Mike Michalowicz's Profit First System. We change the accounting formula of Sales - Expenses = Profit to Sales - Profit = Expenses. This ensures Profit comes first! However, it's not about money at all costs, people come before money!)

After listening to today's episode, visit Rocky's website to get two free chapters of "Profit" by Mike Michalowicz. 


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