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OEM and Digital Transformation with Kristina Harrington

podcast Jul 27, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 166

About This Episode with Kristina Harrington


Today's guest is Kristina Harrington COO and Co-Founder of GenAlpha Technologies. Kristina's focus is on the digital transformation of OEMs. While that sounds like a heady topic, it's very practical: it's all about how you, an OEM, support their customers with parts, add-ons, and configuration practically and compete with much larger companies. Kristina will explain how this is practical and how you can join the digital transformation revolution.  

As an original founder, Kris joined GenAlpha Technologies full-time in 2013. Prior to joining GenAlpha, Kris worked for over 10 years in leadership positions at two large multinational manufacturing companies, Bucyrus International and Caterpillar. 

Her responsibilities included working with internal stakeholders, dealers, and customers to deliver business results both in aftermarket and equipment sales. Along with the management team, Kris sets the Company’s vision and strategy and ensures GenAlpha delivers on the commitments made to each customer. 

As an advocate of manufacturing, she is a thought leader in the manufacturing digital transformation space, sharing her knowledge and experience in blogs, webinars, and podcasts.

After listening to today's episode, visit Kristina's website to read her article, How OEMs Can Leverage eCatalogs for Aftermarket SuccessAdditionally, check out Kristina's podcast, a BROADcast for Manufacturers.


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