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OWNER INTERVIEW: Doing Good is Good Business with Stuart Benton

owner interview podcast Apr 04, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 134

About This Episode & Stuart Benton

When it comes to your brand, virtue and growth aren't mutually exclusive. Especially when you know how to rally loyalty from like-minded customers.

Our guest today is Stuart Benton, President, and CEO of Bradford Soapworks. Bradford is a leader in solid personal care products, operating through B2B channels.

Their work has led them to embrace sustainability–or as Stuart says, "Doing well by doing good." And, as we will learn, that’s been really good business. 

Stuart moved into the position of President and CEO of Bradford in May 2016, after serving as Bradford's CFO for over 5 years. He is building upon Bradford’s innovative culture and pursuing important initiatives for the company’s growth. 

After listening to today’s episode, visit Bradford Soap to learn more about their sustainability efforts. 

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