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Owner Interview: The Future of Energy with Hunter Bjork

owner interview podcast May 23, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 147

About This Episode with Hunter Bjork

If you're a manufacturer or an OEM or in other heavy industrial categories, then you know that energy is one of the biggest cost inputs in your world. It can affect your profitability in direct ways.

One could argue that it is the critical link in your supply chain.

Today, we dig into the visionary future of energy production with Hunter Bjork, Founder, and CEO of ISA Industries. He joins us to explore the future of energy and how it affects your business.

Hunter believes that all energy should be inherently sustainable, affordable, and decentralized. As the Founder and CEO of ISA, he focuses his energy on the exploration and development of new sources of electrical power.

After listening to today's episode, visit Hunter's website to learn more about ISA Industries and the exciting work they are doing! 


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