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Succeeding Through Culture Shifts with Jim Rich

business marketing podcast Apr 11, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 136

About This Episode & Jim Rich

"Culture" is a difficult word for many leaders. It's either the fuel that's driving your growth or it's the weight that's holding you back. How do you wrangle this wild card to work for you, not against you?

Today, we talk with Jim Rich, Chief Revenue Officer for Vbrick Systems. In this episode, we will talk about several topics, including changes in the sales environment, culture shifts in organizations, and a unique technology that streamlines communication between senior leadership and their troops. 

Jim Rich has over 25 years of sales leadership experience in the software industry, with expertise in digital transformation and business intelligence. He has served in key sales and revenue marketing positions at Sisense, Anaplan, and Salesforce where he was the first commercial sales leader in the New York office, growing that team exponentially over seven years. 

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