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The Future of Business Collaboration with Charles Fry

podcast May 23, 2024

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 355

About This Episode with Charles Fry

In a perfect world, every person you hire would multiply the value of your team, not just add to it. With the right collaborative environment, you can take intentional steps in that direction.

Today's guest is Charles Fry, CEO of CODE Éxitos. Charles and his company are focused on bringing digital products to life. In this episode, we will talk about the modern workplace; how to get people working together collaboratively, and the challenges that presents for international businesses. 

Charles Fry is a technology entrepreneur and investor who has launched and grown successful companies in e-commerce, logistics, and IT services. 

He focuses on the human element of management and leadership to create opportunities and build something great from nothing. Charles' experience enables him to guide clients toward creating digital products that are attractive to investors and customers. 

He is dedicated to making the world a better place through business and is most often found in the company’s innovation centers in Austin, Texas, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

After listening to today's episode, connect with Charles on his LinkedIn profile!


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