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Using Your Finances Strategically with Florian Meyer

podcast Jul 13, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 162

About This Episode with Florian Meyer

We say it all the time - the weeds of your business limit its growth. As a leader, you need to be able to see beyond the day to day books and make big picture decisions about how to use your money.

Today's guest is Florian Meyer, a fractional CFO of Newhouse Partners. Florian works with companies in mid-market companies in the industrial and manufacturing categories. He will discuss how it's not all about keeping track of the books but making the big-picture decisions that affect the future success of your company. 

Florian has been involved as an interim Chief Financial Officer and Board Member as a change agent to allow the companies to be focused and successful. Have done this type of consulting for over twenty years.

Currently specializes in financial corporate change management with specific experience in corporate leadership, finance, controllership, and treasury functions. He is sought out by mid-sized companies for his insightful identification of opportunities and his pragmatic approach to leading corporate change to renewed growth and profitability.

After listening to today's episode, connect with Florian to see how he might help you optimize performance, productivity, and profitability! 


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