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Why Strategy Matters to SME Businesses Part 1 with Jose Palomino

podcast Sep 21, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 182

About This Episode with Jose Palomino

There’s a word that often gets treated a little differently in the small and mid-market, and that is the word strategy. In big companies and corporations, all they talk about is strategy whether it’s their go to market strategy, their branding strategy, or their product development strategy. That word has a lot of currency in those circles.

Yet in over 20 years of providing coaching and consulting for mostly small to mid-market business owners, mostly in B2B, I found that often crossing that chasm requires a strategic perspective. It sometimes gets a little pushback because for a lot of businesses that are a little smaller, the sense of needing a big strategy feels overwhelming.

I've seen this when small businesses bring in strategy, people who have done a lot of work in large companies. It just feels too big for a 10, 20, or 30 person company. So it's not that the owners aren't smart enough to know they need a strategic vision, but the way it's done is often just too big.

That’s why I want to talk a little bit about an approach that could be very useful. If you're a leader now listening to this, even if you're a leader in a Fortune 100 company, everything here will have great application. Especially if you're in a small to mid market B2B company, I believe this will be very useful to you.


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