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Creating a Resilient Business with Lu Phillips

podcast May 18, 2023

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 249

About This Episode with Lu Phillips

One of the hardest challenges business owners face is rebounding from challenges brought about by change. But a good leader knows how to keep themselves and their teams resilient in a fast moving world.

Our guest today is Lu Phillips. Lu is an experienced international business development executive with a strong engineering background. In this episode, we will explore globalization and resilience and how it applies to smaller to mid-sized markets that have to make it in this rough and tumble world that we have been living in over the last two years. 

With everything Lu does, he believes that building from foundational principles brings structural simplicity and clarity. He believes systems both spread and preserve value. Lu consults and delivers services to companies that have a lot to offer but suffer from too much friction in their systems. To reduce this friction, Lu helps business owners find their CORE, build business frameworks, and systematize processes to endure. 

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