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Creating Content Connections to Grow Business with Kristen Noelle

podcast Jul 09, 2024


Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 368

About This Episode with Kristen Noelle

Our guest today is Kristen Noelle of KN Digital. Kristen runs a digital marketing agency focused on empowering organizations leverage content through all the digital mechanisms available to us today. We will discuss practical strategies to approach this without being overwhelmed or blown out by budget demands. It's all about finding an authentic voice and connect with people in a way that markets will demand from anybody selling anything.  

Kristen is a copywriter and digital agency owner, helping companies bring LIFE to their online presence — by showing up with a strategy, systems, and soul. She believes the best small business marketing centers on human-to-human storytelling and never losing sight of a brand’s essence.

Kristen partners with CEOs, startup execs, and solopreneurs to help them grow businesses that feel fulfilling and freeing. At KN Digital, she enjoys leading workshops around content marketing and customer acquisition through story-based sales funnels. An ex-digital nomad, Kristen is currently based in Maryland (just outside Washington, DC) and enjoys working with clients all around the world.

After listening to this episode, visit Kristen's website to schedule a free custom audit to learn where your marketing copy or funnel may be bleeding sales.


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