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High Quality Growth for High Quality Exits with Damon Pistulka

podcast May 16, 2022

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 146

About This Episode with Damon Pistulka

The #1 mistake business owners make when it comes to selling their business is waiting too long to start preparing their business for sale. 

The key is focusing on high quality growth in your short term goals so that when it comes time to sell, your business is structured for maximum value to your buyers. That kind of growth is our topic today.

Today's guest is Damon Pistulka of Exit Your Way®. We are going to talk about something that is on your radar or soon to be on your radar: what do I need to know to get ready to sell my business.

This is not a how-to sell your business, but a discussion of key principles of how to be ready, know you're ready, and how buyers are going to look at your business when the time comes. 

Damon helps business owners translate goals into real-world results. He is focused on identifying and executing opportunities to increase business revenue, profitability, and value. With 20+ years of building and managing businesses in extreme conditions and diverse industries, Damon’s drive to help clients reach their goals helps them crush competitors and dominate markets to create valuable businesses they can sell when they are ready.

The proven framework Damon and the Exit Your Way® team developed and successfully used in private equity-owned companies is time tested and is used to drive successful results today.

After listening to today's episode, check out Damon's website to learn more about how he helps business owners sell their businesses fast. 


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