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How Adversity Creates Opportunities with Robin Osborn

podcast May 23, 2023

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 250

About This Episode with Robin Osborn

Our guest today is Robin Osborn. Robin is an industrial company owner and a coach who works with other owners and leadership teams. She shares practical and actionable insights born in the fire of personal experiences. In today's episode, we will hear these insights and see how it applies to our organizations and our lives.  

Robin Osborn is an executive coach and business consultant who was recently given a second chance at life after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a baseball-sized tumor from her brain. Remarkably, the tumor was benign but her recovery was no small feat– it took Robin a year to walk one mile. The same tools she uses to inspire transformation in her clients helped her achieve miraculous results in her recovery! Robin’s passion for exceeding expectations has allowed her to help hundreds break through their personal and professional goals and, through this work, her practice continues to develop.

Robin has nearly a decade of experience championing companies from good to great while giving leaders a simple yet powerful tool to consistently transcend their goal: “The Frustration to Freedom Framework.” This framework combines all of Robin’s financial, operational, and leadership expertise and it is with this that she leads C-Suite executives and their teams to excellence by helping them build confidence, conquer team issues, gain clarity, and deliver real results.

After listening to today's episode, visit Robin's website to learn more about Robin and how she can help you achieve your goals!


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