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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy with Jacob Salem

podcast Feb 27, 2024

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 330

About This Episode with Jacob Salem  

Our guest today is Jacob Salem, Founder, and CEO of EZ Metrics. His focus is on digital marketing that is measurable to help grow business. In today's episode, we will go over four key fundamentals to growing your business on purpose.

Jacob Salem is an accomplished thought leader in the business and digital marketing space. He is helping people from all walks of life realize their dreams of financial freedom. He is dedicated to ensuring his clients have access to the best resources, insights, and strategies designed to help them reach higher levels of success. 

His knowledge and years of experience have led him to develop a system based on six key principles: faith, love, loyalty, character, honesty, and integrity. As the Bible states: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3 NIV). 

With Jacob as your coach, you can be sure you’ll have everything you need to achieve financial independence and create a better future for yourself!

After listening to today's episode, visit Jacob's website to learn more. 


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