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Pivoting Through Difficult Times with Sue Nordman

podcast May 14, 2024

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 352

About This Episode with Sue Nordman 

More often than not, critical pivots happen because of turbulence... and during turbulence. Smooth sailing is a luxury most owners never experience during times of pivoting. When it's time to pivot, owners need to know how to do it while in motion.

Today's guest is Sue Nordman, CEO of Obsidian Manufacturing Industries. Sue is leading a company that is an OEM of critical technologies that are used in modern manufacturing. In this episode, we will discuss what Sue has learned over the last two years about pivoting through difficult times. 

Sue Nordman is the president of Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc., a multi-brand manufacturer and grind shop in Rockford, IL. She uses her strong leadership skills to lead her team in the best direction each day, with high-quality manufacturing, integrity, and value for the customer motivating me each day.

After listening to today's episode, visit Sue's website to learn more about Obsidian Manufacturing


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