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Strategy is Not an Option with Angelo Ponzi

podcast Mar 23, 2023

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 233

About This Episode with Angelo Ponzi 

Our guest today is Angelo Ponzi. Angelo is an experienced, dynamic strategist for growth. He looks at businesses wholistically and strategically looking at the moving parts that need to be thought through so you can design a successful marketing and sales program.

Angelo is a marketing and branding strategist with 25+ years of agency, client-side, and consulting experience. He has worked with small to enterprise companies as their fractional Chief Marketing Officer to define market opportunities, develop competitive profiles, audience personas, brand realignment, and strategies to integrated marketing plans that help businesses compete in an ever-changing marketplace. 

Through his company, Craft, he focuses on three strategic pillars for success: Insights, Brand, and Plan to develop effective and efficient programs for building enduring brands and sustainable business growth.

After listening to today's episode, visit Angelo's website to learn more.


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