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The Discipline of Now with Eric Twiggs

podcast Jun 04, 2024

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 358

About This Episode with Eric Twiggs

For entrepreneurs, there is a world of difference between the words "could" and "did". The key to that difference? Procrastination. It's time to let your best ideas come to life and help grow your business on purpose.

Today's guest is Eric Twiggs, founding partner and president of The What Now Movement. In today's episode, we are going to talk about the discipline of now - the discipline of getting things done. We will discuss why we all struggle with that from time to time and some ways we can get into this discipline of getting things done so we can accomplish what we want to in our lives and our businesses.  

Eric Twiggs' mission is to build high-performing entrepreneurs, authors, and career professionals, who are prepared for life’s unexpected curve balls.

He is the author of The Discipline of Now: 12 Practical Principles to Overcome Procrastination. The Discipline of Now has been recognized as a Global Top Ten Finalist for the 2020 Author Elite Awards in the category of Best Self-Help Book. This recognition was based on the combination of the following criteria: cover design, content, popularity, and social contribution.

As a Certified Life & Business Coach, Eric has conducted over 28,000 coaching sessions, helping executive leaders and entrepreneurs who have moved from feeling frustrated to finding fulfillment.

He has also led organizations of 500 or more people in corporate America and shared his message with corporations, associations, and congregations across the country.

After listening to today's episode, check out Eric's podcast, The 30 Minute Hour.


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