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The New Rules of Digital Marketing with TJ Murphy

podcast May 30, 2024

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 357

About This Episode with TJ Murphy

"Noise and shiny objects" sums up the way many business owners might describe the complex world of digital marketing. Our guest today serves as a guide to help connect business owners with the strategies they need to put their focus back on to growing their business.

Today's guest is TJ Murphy, CEO of Hite Digital in Bend, OR. In this episode, we will talk about what's changed in the world of digital marketing. We will discuss things you should be thinking about if you're looking to leverage digital marketing to create more opportunities. 

TJ Murphy resides in beautiful Bend, Oregon, and is the owner of Hite Digital, where he and his team focus on serving businesses and empowering talented people. Hite provides web design, branding, and digital marketing services to businesses in every industry, empowering their growth through ROI-driven campaigns and strategies. 

After listening to today's episode, visit TJ's website to schedule a complete digital audit of your current marketing efforts. 


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