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Turning Followers Into Fans with Social Media with Karlyn Ankrom

podcast May 25, 2023

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 251

About This Episode with Karlyn Ankrom

One of the things that come up when developing a B2B company's strategy is social media. While this is nothing new, it can be challenging to know how to think about and know what's possible. In today's episode, social media expert Karlyn Ankrom will join us to talk about what is possible with social media and the simple approaches you can take that can have potentially big ROIs. 

Oh Snap! Social is a digital marketing firm that specializes in social media services, aimed at assisting businesses, organizations, and individual entrepreneurs in crafting engaging content that resonates with their target audience and drives conversions. Our unique Fan Firestarter Framework enables our clients to gain a clear understanding of their current position using our thorough Pulse Check Audits. This then guides the development of a comprehensive Social Media Strategy, culminating in the progression of the strategy toward a fully managed and implemented content creation and management process.

After listening to today's episode, visit Karlyn's website for some great resources!


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