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What B2B Marketing Can Borrow From B2C with Kim Rozdeba

podcast Apr 27, 2023

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 243

About This Episode with Kim Rozdeba 

If you have been following our show for some time, you know we love to have experts and owners share their ideas earned through working with B2B owners. One of the topics we love to cover is branding. 

Our expert today is Kim Rozdeba. Kim is an author, blogger, and branding guru who has guided some of the Fortune 500's oldest and most iconic brands including B2B. 

In today's episode, we will discuss why branding as a process is important for owner-operators of B2B companies trying to gain the attention and trust of bigger companies.

Unfortunately, today the world is flooded with brands jamming every communications channel with the hope of gaining prosperity and fame. As a result, connecting to customers is almost impossible—they hear, see, and engage only with the brands they understand. Branding is a process, not a goal. The goal is to surpass customers' expectations at every touchpoint so they feel the brand's love. Kim is passionate about branding and eager to share his three decades of branding insights and his five C's of branding through real examples and results that anyone can follow and learn from. 

If you're interested in learning more, visit Kim's website!


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