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Why Owners Need a Sounding Board with Phil Fraser

podcast Sep 14, 2023

Business Growth On Purpose || Episode 283

About This Episode with Phil Fraser

If you want to keep growing, you never want to be the biggest fish in the pond, right? You don't want to be the "lonely owner" who gets bogged down in their own echo chamber. Growth is best accomplished collaboratively, and that's why you need a sounding board.

Today's guest is Phil Fraser. In today's episode, we are going to talk about something every owner knows they need, but not every owner takes advantage of. Specifically, we will be discussing the importance of finding someone that can serve as a sounding board as you process the many issues you face as an owner of a business. Phil is an expert in this because he has lived the journey of a business leader leading to a successful exit. He focuses now as a business sounding board for owners in the SME category. 

Phil went from a kitchen table start-up, with no investment, to a multi-million-pound sale to a PLC 18 years later. He has traveled the complete SME business journey. Phil now works with ambitious SME-owners as a Business Sounding Board (think somewhere between Business Coach, Business Mentor, and ‘personal NED’). 

In simple terms, he is a pair of ears and an extra pair of eyes’ for SME Owners helping them to be better at what they do. Phil’s mantra is, "It doesn’t need to be lonely at the top".

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