Know Thy Customers’ Internal Motivations

customers Jan 07, 2016

How well do you know your customer? More importantly, do you know what motivates them to do business with you? While customer’s desires vary according to demographics, market sector, etc… there is one behavior that shines through as a powerful driver of purchase intention — and that is listening to and understanding customer motivations.

I would like to share two simple stories to illustrate the same core issue:

First: Jane was the director of Knowledge...

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Your Historic Customer

customers strategy Jan 21, 2011

Often, businesses don’t take the time to define who their ideal customer is.

Not simple stats on the status quo of current customers – but thinking through who their “ideal” – best – perfect –want more of these – customers are.

To define your ideal customer you first need to have a firm understanding of who your historic customer is – no time travel required. I simply mean the type of customer...

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