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Based on our unique Revenue Throughput methodology, our coaching helps you uncover and remove revenue constraints. Founder, Jose Palomino, and his partner, Frank Michel, have worked with hundreds of owner-led B2B businesses in just about every kind of situation. They love helping owners “untangle the mess” - just ask them.

Jose Palomino

Founder & CEO

"My passion and expertise is helping B2B business owners articulate their best value. I love helping them stand out and win in competitive markets."

Frank Michel


"I am committed to helping B2B business owners maximize the value of their business by ensuring they have the right growth model and strategy."

The X Factor in Your Success

Ever gotten great advice, but wondered how to apply it? Faced a challenge and felt unsure of your next move? Wished you had a fresh perspective on a persistent problem?

You need Strategic Coaching. 

We believe you are the expert in your business. But, we also know that sometimes you need outside perspective, guidance, and accountability to achieve a revenue breakthrough. With over 30 years of experience, our coaches have seen just about every kind of strategy, marketing, or sales challenge. We're ready to help. 

"Jose is a problem solver. I had been stuck on a few client accounts. Within just two phone calls, he led me in the right direction."

Bruce Leto, Jr.
Partner, Dynamic Wave Consulting

How It Works

When you join the Revenue Throughput System, you'll get four to sixteen sessions of private coaching, depending on your plan level. This means that removing revenue constraints or uncovering new growth opportunities is more possible than ever before.

All sessions are private, one-on-one, and through Zoom. We offer coaching in two ways:

System-Inclusive Coaching

Included with the Revenue Throughput System

To help you make the most of what you learn in the Revenue Throughput System, you'll have 4-16 sessions of coaching included, depending on your plan level. 

Your 1:1 coaching will help you apply the methods you’ve learned to your specific strategy, marketing, or sales challenges.  

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Add-on Coaching Sessions

If you want more Revenue Coaching than is included

You can augment with additional coaching and receive support as you put your plans into action.  

You can purchase additional coaching in single, three, six, and twelve session increments - all good for use for one year from purchase. 

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"Jose and Value Prop showed us how to refocus and win in a super competitive manufacturing market - winning new business and adapting in creative ways." 

Ken Harrison
CEO, US Axle, Inc.

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