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Let's talk growth.

Glad you're here. Scheduling a call with me is really easy.

About our call

First of all, I look forward to meeting you. I appreciate that you’ve decided to invest 30 minutes of your valuable time for us to have a conversation about your future.

To make things a little easier and very clear, please let me touch on a few key points before we speak:

The purpose of our call

I want to know more about your business—your context, challenges, and goals for growth.

During our call, we'll explore how you might accelerate your business's growth. I’ll ask some questions, tell you a little bit about how we work, and answer any questions you might have about me and our services.

By the end of our call, we will both know whether working together is something we should explore further.

Who we typically work with

  • Owner-CEOs of B2B companies
  • Generating $2-20M in revenues
  • Who want to accelerate their company’s growth

If that's you, then this call makes a lot of sense.


What we do for our clients

I founded Value Prop Interactive 20 years ago as a strategy consultancy focused on helping owners of B2B businesses grow their revenues profitably.

With decades of experience, we've engaged with hundreds of B2B business owners, CEOs, and leadership teams across various industrial categories, from OEMs to contract manufacturing to professional services—helping them unlock millions of dollars in new growth.

You should know that I don't believe in gimmicks or one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, I believe in designing a strategy based on what you do best for the clients you value most as the foundation for growth.

That’s what we help our clients do.


Scheduling the call

To the right (or under this note on mobile platforms) is a scheduling tool that lets you pick a time that’s open on my calendar and optimal for you.

Once you pick the date and time, it will automatically create a calendar entry for you (and you’ll also get an email reminder), and the appointment will be added to my calendar. It will also set up the Zoom session for us at the appointed time. All that's left is to meet!

To your success,

PS: If you don't find a time on my calendar that works for you - drop me a line at [email protected], and we'll work it out. 

"I would absolutely recommend Value Prop. Jose is a godsend and helped me transcend roadblocks that were preventing me from reaching  my full revenue potential."

Bruce Leto, Jr. 
Partner, Dynamic Wave Consulting