The Revenue Throughput Program

The program that gives business owners the process, tools, and mentorship they need to transform their businesses into powerful revenue machines.

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Program Outline

What if every part of your business worked together to drive revenue?

Marketing. Sales. Operations. Finance. Strategy. Doing it all (and doing it well) is a challenge for many business owners—and as a result, revenue growth can stall - or never achieve the next level you know it should. With over 15 years of experience, we know there's a better way to do business.

Through our revolutionary program, designed exclusively for business owners, you will:

✓  Pinpoint exactly what is constraining your revenue growth

 ✓ Optimize 48-dimensions of your business to work together

✓ Transform problem areas into revenue generators

✓ Experience new revenue growth as you turn up your Revenue Throughput.

Revenue Throughput

rev·e·nue through·put (noun)

The volume and velocity that your business transforms opportunities into revenue.

How The Program Works

The Revenue Throughput Program is a unique combination of online content and live Transformation Sessions, supported by a personal revenue coach—all done at a pace that works for you.

Revenue Throughput Assessment

The first one-on-one session of the program is all about understanding how revenue flows through your business. Taking a holistic and objective view of your business is the foundation of increasing your revenue. We walk you through our powerful diagnostic tool, the Revenue Throughput Analyzer, which assesses 48 dimensions of your business.

Revenue Throughput Transformation Modules

This is where the work really begins. We empower you with the principles of Revenue Throughput over the course of nine Transformation Modules. Every module includes:

  • Deep-Dive Content—You'll start the Module by engaging with a related worksheet, discussion guide, eBook, or mini-course, that will enhance your application of that Module's principle. The content can also be shared with your leadership team, so everyone can share in the transformation of your business. 
  • Live Work Sessions—When you're ready, you'll join a two-hour "work-on-your-business" session led live online by Value Prop founder, Jose Palomino. These sessions are also attended by fellow business owners in the program. These are where we go in-depth on that Module's principle and you create your Action Plan for that dimension of your business. 

Revenue Coaching Support

Transforming your business isn't just about know-how. It's about putting plans into action. Over the course of the program, you'll have periodic coaching sessions privately with Jose Palomino. There are two types of 1:1 support you'll receive:

  • Mastery Mentorship—Every two to three Modules, you'll get a private coaching session with your revenue coach. These sessions are where you can get further support as you troubleshoot specific problem areas in your business.
  • Success Support—After the completion of all the Modules, you'll be able to take advantage of 1:1 Revenue Coaching sessions to help you course-correct and ensure your business's growth. 

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Who It's For

The Revenue Throughput Program is a good fit for you if:

  1. You’re the owner-operator-CEO of a B2B business between $1-30 million in revenue. 
  2. You want to grow your business revenues now—not in the distant future.
  3. You have “fire in the belly” and want to work on growth- now!.
  4. You’ve been looking for an approach that’s transformative, practical, and not too “academic.”  

Hey, we get it. We’re business owners too. Textbooks about how Apple and Google do their revenue strategy just aren't that helpful for smaller businesses. That’s why we created the Revenue Throughput Program. It's practical and deep, thorough, and fast. But, most of all, it's transformative. 

Your Program Leader

Value Prop founder, Jose Palomino, co-created the concept, principles, and process of Revenue Throughput 15 years ago. He has worked with hundreds of business owners, driving powerful results for companies of all sizes and industries. He has a passion for working with B2B business owners - because he’s one too. He is the author of Value Prop and Strategic Propositions, and adjunct professor of Entrepreneurial Marketing at his MBA alma mater, Villanova University.

Jose helped us dramatically increase our valuation and kept the team focused on delivering sales revenue. He has been a great partner in the success of our business. 

John McNeely
CEO, Spec-Rite Systems, Inc.

Why The Program Works

If you've been in business for any amount of time, you've probably tried many methods to improve your business—from books to group roundtables to private coaching. But in the end, you've probably been disappointed by the results because:

  • You might learn more, but it isn't made "real" in your business. You need support as you implement change. 
  • You might get good advice, but it's too narrow in scope. You need a holistic growth plan.
  • You might get good coaching for a time, but you're never equipped to sustain it. You need a systematic approach that you can turn to again and again.

The Revenue Throughput Program delivers on all of those needs because it provides a structure for business owners to assess areas of growth and get support as they enact changes that last. 

When you join the program, you'll get:

  • Time-tested tools, strategies, and resources—for you and your team,
  • One-on-one support from a coach with over 30 years of experience,
  • An objective assessment and holistic vision of growth for your business.

And best of all, you'll do it at a pace that works for you. The program can be completed in as little as 90 days, or as long as a year. You could commit as little as two hours every other week or as much as four hours a week if you want to change your business quickly.

The principles of Value Prop have been game-changers for us. Their training, coaching, and support have helped us weather the current storm and find growth we didn't think was possible.

Terry McBride
Vice President, Burns & McBride, Inc.

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