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Unlock your Throughput for revenue that flows.

Our program gives business owners the process, tools, and mentorship they need to transform their businesses into reliable revenue machines.
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Program Outline

The Revenue Throughput Program

The Revenue Throughput Program helps business owners transform the volume and velocity that your business can transform opportunities into revenue. 

✓ Investigate 48-dimensions of your business to discover what is constraining your revenue growth through our unique Revenue Throughput Analyzer.

✓ Transform problem areas into revenue generators by implementing proven strategies from our Revenue Throughput Toolbox and getting one-on-one Executive Mentorship.

✓ Experience new revenue growth as all aspects of your business finally work together for maximum revenue flow.

The principles of Value Prop have been game-changers for us. Their training, coaching, and support have helped us weather the current storm and find growth we didn't think was possible.

Terry McBride
Vice President, Burns & McBride, Inc.

How It Works

The program can be completed in as little as 90 days or as much as 6 months for ultimate scheduling flexibility. All sessions are held live online through video conferencing platforms—so you can work on your business from anywhere at your convenience.

Throughput Work Sessions

Meet with a business growth expert to tackle the different dimensions of Revenue Throughput and help you plan the exact steps you need to take to unlock growth.

Mastery Mentorship

You'll also have one-on-one Mastery Mentorship—private coaching sessions to support you as you apply the principles of Revenue Throughput to your business. 

Quarterly Coaching

After you complete the program, you'll have one-on-one Quarterly Owner Coaching to ensure your success.

Program Outline

Attack a critical dimension of your business every Throughput Work Session for maximum growth.

Session 1
Assess Your Revenue Throughput

Understanding how revenue flows through your business is the foundation of rebooting your revenue generation. We walk you through our powerful diagnostic tool, the Revenue Throughput Analyzer.

Session 2
Target the Right Customer & Problem

 Many SMBs fail to focus on their true target market – and the problem they solve best for that market.

Session 3
Differentiate to Win

Fuzzy or incomplete value propositions prevent businesses from gaining traction in marketing, messaging, or sales.

Session 4
Mastery Mentorship

This session is to ensure the owner has done the essential work of target definition and uncovering their best differentiation value.

Session 5
Develop Your Marketing Program

Without a real plan, marketing is often a collection of past decisions – not optimized for the moment.

Session 6
Develop Your Sales Process

Most B2B SMB’s fail to define and optimize their sales process. They sell as “we always have” – without adapting or improving.

Session 7
Mastery Mentorship

Ensure the owner has done the essential work of developing their marketing and sales improvement plans.

Session 8
Remove Operational Constraints

The top-level considerations of targeting, differentiating, marketing, and sales are not the only source of revenue constraints. This session uncovers the other dynamics that can hinder revenue.

Owner Coaching

After you complete the program, you'll have one-on-one Quarterly Owner Coaching to ensure your progress and growth over the following year.

Your Program Leader

Value Prop founder, Jose Palomino, has worked with hundreds of business owners over the last 15 years - driving powerful results for companies of all sizes. He has a passion for working with B2B business owners - because he’s one too. He's also an author and professor at Villanova University, where he got his MBA.

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Jose helped us dramatically increase our valuation and kept the team focused on delivering sales revenue. He has been a great partner in the success of our business. 

John McNeely
CEO, Spec-Rite Systems, Inc.

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