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The Revenue Throughput System

Let's unlock growth.

The Revenue Throughput System gives business owners a repeatable, step-by-step process to transform their businesses into powerful revenue machines. It empowers owners with everything they need for growth:

  • A clear picture of what is blocking their growth—and what isn't.
  • A systematic process for optimizing the 8 dimensions of their business essential for growth.
  • All the strategies, tools, and support they need for a revenue growth transformation.

"Working with Value Prop has made a huge difference in our business and helped increase the valuation of one of our divisions—leading to its successful sale. By keeping us focused on driving revenue, Value Prop has been vital to our business success."

John McNeely, Skip-Line LLC.

Wait, what's "Revenue Throughput"?

“Revenue Throughput” is the volume and velocity that your business converts opportunities into revenue. But that's a little heady, so let's break it down.

Imagine your business is a pipe. Opportunities (prospects, leads, contracts) flow in at one end and come out on the other end as revenue. Now imagine there are eight major valves on that pipe.

These eight valves can be closed off—constricting the flow of the pipe and slowing down its revenue output. They can also be turned on—allowing the flow of opportunities to move through quickly and at higher volume than ever before.

Can you guess what those eight valves that control your revenue are? Hint: They aren't all about marketing and sales...

As you can see, unlocking your growth isn't just about "turning on" just one area of your business. It's about turning on every valve, making sure that every part of your business is contributing to your maximum revenue output.

So how does the Revenue Throughput System help you do that? Glad you asked.

Growth Happens When It All Works Together

Business growth isn’t just about pouring more money on marketing. It isn’t just about closing more sales. It’s about optimizing the system that is your business so that it can convert opportunities into profitable revenue. And it’s about giving you control of every “valve” that determines your Revenue Throughput.

How It Works

The Revenue Throughput System gives business owners a repeatable, step-by-step process to transform their businesses into powerful revenue machines. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Identify Growth Constraints

Implementing the System begins by assessing what parts of your business are constraining your growth with our Revenue Throughput Analyzer. We'll diagnose each of the 8 major dimensions of your Revenue Throughput to determine what is a revenue constraint and what is a revenue contributor.

This gives us an exact roadmap tailored to your specific challenges so we'll know what to tackle first. This approach truly enables you to experience growth as soon as possible.

Step 2: Transform Constraints into Contributors

Next, you'll get all the tools and support you need to tackle your revenue constraints through eight live Transformation Sessions. Each session will show you how to transform a major dimension of your Revenue Throughput and is led by a growth expert. 

With every session, you'll get all the tools you need to share with your team, so everyone is clear on what they need to do to support your new growth.

Step 3: Optimize for Success

Once you've gotten the practical know-how from each Transformation Session, you'll get the opportunity to troubleshoot specific challenges with a growth expert during your one-on-one Optimization Coaching Sessions.

This ensures that your plans are executed with clarity and confidence—and that you're on the right track for growth.

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“Jose is one of the smartest sales and marketing minds I've ever worked with. I follow many of his lessons to this day.”

Mark Feffer, HCM Technology Report

"Jose showed us how to refocus and win in a super competitive manufacturing market, winning new business and adapting in new and creative ways."

Ken Harrison, U.S. Axle

"Jose is a godsend for business owners looking to transcend roadblocks preventing them from reaching their full revenue potential."

Bruce Leto Jr., Dynamic Wave Consulting

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