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Advocate for the Outcome with Barry Goodman

business entrepreneurship revenue throughput podcast Nov 03, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 73

About This Episode & Barry Goodman

On today’s episode, we welcome Barry Goodman of Birkdale Transition Partners. Barry is an advocate for the outcome. He helps owners define what they want to see happen with the biggest asset in their portfolio: their business. Barry helps owners recognize their business’ strengths and challenges, and what could hold it back or push it to the next level.

Barry grew up in a business-owning family. His father was a distributor of electrical supplies and lighting fixtures in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Through the experience of working in his father’s business, at a very young age, the challenges of being a family in business are ingrained in his soul.

Having chosen not to go into his family’s business, he became a Certified Public Accountant and owned a CPA firm for over 20 years. Barry facilitated his own transition to be a founding partner in a firm that grew to become one of the most successful middle-market firms in Chicago. The lessons he learned from the business-owning families he served, grew a reputation for recognizing a business’ strengths and challenges and identifying what could hold it back or push it to the next level. Seeing business owners make good and poor business and transition choices fueled his passion for families-in-business.  

After listening to today’s episode, visit to learn more about Barry and Birkdale Transition Partners!

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