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Owner Interview: How to Choose Your Best Customers with Justin Quinn

business marketing owner interview podcast revenue throughput podcast Jan 12, 2022

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 103

About This Episode & Justin Quinn

Customers are like bricks - you need to build with the right ones. Specifically, today we're talking about narrowing down by choosing your best customers.

Too many businesses niche around the question, "What do we do best?" It's an important question, but it needs to be balanced by "Who do we like working with best?"

Our guest today is Justin Quinn, CEO of Focused On Machining. They have achieved remarkable success, and he owes to the benefits of doubling down his best customers.

Their operation is a machine shop based in Colorado, but when he tells his story, you'll realize it's actually a leading edge idea lived out in a machine shop.

Listen closely today for things around, differentiating in different categories, that you might not have thought could be differentiated; ways to compete against the Big Guys and win with better margins.    

Justin began his professional career in the Air Force where he spent 6 years as an Aircraft Mechanic on the C-17. As a flight mechanic, he traveled the world with a toolbox and a laptop and ensured the aircraft remained operational in locations like Afghanistan, Iraq, and even Antarctica. 

In 2016, Justin acquired Focused on Machining. Currently the President of Focused on Machining, Justin manages the day-to-day operations, business development, and strategic planning for the business. Justin has grown the company over 300% in the last four years with the addition of many new customers and pieces of equipment. Their primary growth sectors have come from the aerospace, defense and medical industries. 

After listening to today’s episode, visit their website to learn more about Justin and Focused on Machining. 


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