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How to Differentiate Your Customer Experience with Stacy Sherman

customer experience podcast relationships revenue throughput podcast Sep 10, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 50

About This Episode & Stacy Sherman

A thrilled customer is the most powerful marketing and sales strategy all at once. Shouldn't we be talking about customer experience a little more?
Stacy Sherman of DoingCXRight thinks so, and she's joining us today to provide veteran insights on how CX can elevate the future of your business, inside and out.

Stacy’s mission is to help brands delight customers, meet their needs, and create superior experiences that build not just relationships but lasting, meaningful connections with people.

Through her company, DoingCXRight, Stacy advocates for the humanization of business and delivers a framework rooted in the customer.

Stacy’s approach aligns cross-functional teams from critical parts of the organization—sales, marketing, product, and leadership to allow stakeholders to deliver a customized customer experience that goes far beyond price of services or goods.

To learn more about Stacy and DoingCXRight, visit https://linktr.ee/StacySherman.

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