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How to Grow Sales & Margins with Smart Pricing with Barrett Thompson

business revenue throughput podcast Nov 08, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 75

About This Episode & Barrett Thompson

Pricing is not just about how much you're charging. Unlocking smarter pricing and you can unlock that elusive sales growth. With a strong combination of better strategies and leveraged technology, smart pricing is our topic du jour.

Our guest today is Barrett Thompson of Zilliant Corporation. Zilliant focuses on pricing technology. Today’s episode is a must listen because the principles we will talk about are applicable to any size company. It’s all about pricing smartly to win more and better business. 

Barrett leads the Business Solutions Consultant team, aligning Zilliant solutions to customer needs and promoting pricing and sales best practices among our customers. Over the past two decades, Barrett has built and delivered optimization and pricing solutions to Fortune 500 businesses in diverse vertical industries. Barrett is a frequent speaker and author on achieving rapid, sustainable profitability improvements through the application of pricing science.

After listening to today’s episode, visit for more information about Zilliant and Barrett Thompson!

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