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How to Leverage a Flexible Structure for Growth with Jeffrey Slater

account based marketing business revenue throughput podcast Nov 10, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 76

About This Episode & Jeffrey Slater

 Have you ever heard of a Chief Listening Officer? As of today, we have!

Our guest joins us today to share insights on how flexibility and responsiveness helps companies manuever into elusive growth.

Jeffrey Slater of has been a CMO of big companies and worked with a lot of small and mid-sized companies. He is the “chief listening officer”.

Jeff provides CMO/VP Marketing for services for hire by the week to help support a business that can’t afford a full-time marketing leader. Jeff consults, coaches and helps unravel marketing problems for clients.

After listening to today’s episode, visit to learn more about Jeffrey Slater and the services he offers!

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