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Is Your Customer Experience DRIVING Revenue Growth? with Dan Gingiss

business customer experience podcast revenue throughput podcast Dec 01, 2021

The Revenue Throughput Podcast || Episode 85

About This Episode & Dan Gingiss

You can’t afford to be the leaky boat: a business that takes on new customers and loses them because they are unhappy with some aspect of dealing with your business.

Today’s guest is Dan Gingiss, The Experience Maker. We will discuss how you can turn your business into the kind of business people will want to do business with initially and continue doing business with over time. This is critical if you are going to grow your business. 

This is not all about customer service, but the entirety of how customers perceive dealing with you. If you’re in a tough competitive market, this is an opportunity to set yourself apart and create distance between you and your competitors and win more business. 

For more than 20 years, Dan has led marketing teams in nearly every marketing channel. He also served in multiple customer service and customer experience leadership roles. Dan combines his professional experience at brands like Discover, McDonald’s and Humana with real-life examples from B2C and B2B companies of all sizes to recommend actionable, profitable CX solutions. 

To learn more about Dan and how he can help your business, visit www.dangingiss.com

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